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I'm Kimberly  and I am honored to have you visiting with me.

 I invite you to take a moment and breathe in the Divine.  May you see yourself through the Divine essence of All there is. 

Blessings to You and your Journey.

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Who I Am: Kimberly McClendon Crowe is a healing facilitator of Soul as guided by spirit through the creator of all there is. My life work is devoted to the healing arts. I have worked 30 years in allopathic and holistic medicine. I studied a wide range of healing modalities and I combine this knowledge with my natural connection to creator to hold the space of self-empowerment with clients and students

.My true gift is I see the divine essence in all. I have the innate ability to stand in all time and connect to the spheres of existence on all dimensions. I see, hear and feel the Harmonic Matrix  Grid within the energy field of all creation and have been shown the matrices of the divine and not so divine.

 My physical office  Art of Serenity now has 2 locations Bowling Green KY and Asheville NC . Internationally  my office is the ethers with phone  consultation and the use of skype.  Services provided in office are a wide range ofAlternative Healing Services such as: Therapeutic Massage,Hypnotherapy,Homeopathy ,Energy Work which may include a combination of many modalities.

As an visionary artist I have the gift to connect to Soul's essence as it portraits the Soul Song  through color. I offer original art work ,prints and customized Soul Song Portraits with Soul reading. Also I am a Wire jewelry artist specializing in  offering wearable  tools for support of your Ascension  journey.

My role I play as a healing facilitator:

Healing work holds space for removing blocks to wellness, attuning to and revealing from within one's true radiant nature.

 In person sessions, remote work over the phone, intuitive readings, paintings and personal intuitive art commissions are part of the service I provide as my path of a healing bridge.

I can be reached at[email protected]. OR  270-799-9354

Alternative Healing Services:

Alternative Spiritual Healing focuses on the spiritual level of your energy field. Spiritual Healing can totally change your life in a single moment. It is very powerful and incredibly beneficial.

Individualized Sessions

I am experienced in numerous methods of Alternative Healing, and have developed many techniques of my own. With the assistance of your Angels ,Guides, and Creator I will create the perfect session for you to receive the maximum healing effect.

I may use Thetahealing ,Soul retrieval .Time Line Healing, Aura Healing, Chakra Balancing and Emotional Healing in a session for today .Then in another session I may use Entity Removal, Space Clearing, Psychic Surgery and Intuitive Counseling. When your ready the healing will be as it is  for you. You may be ready for Inner Awakening Matrix Retonements .This  work  supports I AM awakening into the embodiment of your Soul Accession Journey.

Your Energy Healing Session will be just what you need in that moment. You will experience the perfect, divinely orchestrated healing session just for you.

Energy Work
Energy work is  healing techniques that work with the energy and chakra systems and is based on the idea that an unseen ?life force energy? flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

If one?s ?life force energy? is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Energy Work can aid the body in:
* Accelerating Natural Healing
* Stimulating the Immune System
* Relieving Muscle Spasms
* Cleansing out Toxins

Intuitive Counseling
What is Intuitive Counseling?
Intuitive Counseling is a combined technique of counseling skills and intuitive abilities. Through intuitive counseling, a counselor uses their intuitive abilities to access information that may or may not be know to the conscious mind.

Have you ever experienced a time when you wanted to move forward but didn?t know what direction to take?
By accessing hidden past lives or past experiences, intuitive counselors enable a client to find, resolve and move past situations that are blocking energy in their spiritual pathways. Working together, you will uncover those beliefs and ideas that unconsciously hold you back, keeping you from having the life you want.

Transform Your Life Releasing Emotional Blockages
Transform your thoughts and embrace the power to align yourself with clarity, awareness and peace. You have the ability to create a change within yourself and get the results you want!!*

My role as a Teacher : is to hand the student the keys and that will empower their own personal journey to the sacred  authentic self. To awaken divine being that exist within each of us ,our own mastery self.

My role  as an Artist: My hope is for those drawn to my art, to enjoy, experience and benefit in some way not only from the imagery, but the more subtle vibrational information that dances with, informs and nurtures the soul. The process of Creating, for me, is a way of flowing with the alchemy of vibrations. Harmonizing colors, symbols, light, tone and Spirit. Immersing myself in this process and allowing the painting to organically unfold, brings joy and a connection to the sacred divine but the painting feels as if it becomes something greater than ?me? ; it becomes a source that benefits the body, mind, heart and soul.

THE  ART?s  ROLE : My creative work is not only a means of self expression but also discovery, sacred journey and wisdom. A painting, for me, is a living, breathing, communicating creation. My hope is for those drawn to my work, to enjoy, experience and benefit in some way not only from the imagery, but the more subtle vibrational information that dances with, informs and nurtures the soul

Place the art in your environment. The healing energy that is instilled in each unique piece of art is attuned to assist all of humanity with its relationship to Mother Earth and all of creation.
The healing that is calibrated in each painting has no linearly limit. It encompasses all time.
When one engages with the art piece, an energy transmission is conveyed to the essence of one?s soul. This provides opportunity for supportive clearing, nurturing and healing for self and of environment where the art dwells. This is a continuous love based upliftment that holds space for the retonement to the original divine blueprint.

Each art piece is also calibrated to anchor healing encodements for not only you and your loved ones, but for Mother Earth herself and all of her inhabits. This energy is transmitted into the energy field of all those who wish to convey this essence of healing to all of humanity.

Know that when you purchase a piece of this healing art that you are anchoring very powerful loving energies in your home and earth. As more and more people view this art, it will establish a magnificent grid of pure divine love around the planet, evoking great healing and peace for all of  humanity and Gaia herself.

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Blessings                                                                                                                                        Kimberly

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